Migrating to Magento 2

Why Migrating To Magento A Better Step for Entrepreneurs

It was in the year 2015 when Magento 2 first came into recognition. It promised to be way more optimized and improved version of the Magento 1 platform. The new additional features along with the improved performance ratio make users go gaga over this server for their easier and faster shopping experience. Magento 1 platform […]

Posted by Linda Wester , May 29, 2018, Magento development
Dedicated Server

Why Dedicated Server is Best for Magento E-store

E-commerce has emerged as the perfect blend of marketing and technology. Breaking the traditional pillars of retail and commerce, E-commerce has already incorporated one-tenth of the world’s retail revenue and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Hosting an E-commerce website used to be a monumental task with the technological constraints in place in the […]

Posted by lindawester , April 2, 2018, Hire Magento Developer, PSD to Magento
Magento - The Best CMS Platform For E-Commerce Website

10 Reason Why Magento is Best CMS for Online Business Platform

Magento was established as an open source platform, which was developed with the help of volunteers. A couple of years ago, Magento was acquired by eBay but its loyal and strong developer community continued working toward making this platform unique and robust. It is so far one of the best e-Commerce platforms out there for […]

Posted by lindawester , February 27, 2018, Hire Magento Developer
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How to Create Product Pages that Convert

Unlike a corner store, your products need to be shown in the best possible way when your store is online. Whether you are selling bunny-footed pajamas or whittling knives, every single product description page on your store needs to be created and optimized for high conversion and sales. This is the true test of your […]

Posted by adminMagento , January 8, 2016, Custom Magento Development
ERP With Magento

Online Business Management: Top ERP packages that work well with Magento

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is business management software that’s a whole package of integrated apps that help you manage various aspects of your business; planning, development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, data collection and more. ERP software improves business management by seamlessly integrating data between various […]

Posted by adminMagento , January 8, 2016, Custom Magento Development
Website For Global Market

How to make your Website ready for Global Market

Catering to a Global market is one of the top ambitions of a retailer. With the supersonic boom in eCommerce and online shopping statistics, international expansion is no longer a fever dream. It’s a very real, very lucrative goal to be achieved. Since your storefront is the first thing your international audience is going to […]

Posted by adminMagento , January 8, 2016, Custom Magento Development
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