Magento - The Best CMS Platform For E-Commerce Website

10 Reason Why Magento is Best CMS for Online Business Platform

Magento was established as an open source platform, which was developed with the help of volunteers. A couple of years ago, Magento was acquired by eBay but its loyal and strong developer community continued working toward making this platform unique and robust. It is so far one of the best e-Commerce platforms out there for anyone looking to create a digital shop. Here are the reasons why Magento e-commerce is an extremely strong framework to get you started with your digital store:

1) E-Commerce’s Leatherman

Magento platform has an incredible rich administrative to give its users an opportunity to modify it according to their needs such as categories, features of products or content targeting as per the audience. Using this system, you can create a digital shop that not only direct shoppers toward conversion but also shows a beautiful face of your business.

2) Huge Array Of Product Information

With Magento, you can define every possible product feature you like. It is widely used e-Commerce platform in the world with about 30% market share, which is only possible with its flexibility. You can adjust the complete framework according to your products, set and manage the attributes, and define a whole bunch of combinations you like.

3) Impressive, Responsive Design

Magento isn’t tailored according to your needs. Instead, you can tailor Magneto according to your business’ needs. Even if you are not an expert in Magento development, you can still create an incredible design using thousands of free customizable templates offered by Magento. However, you may need the help of an expert while deploying Magento e-commerce website. Responsive Design is even more important looking at the growing number of smartphone users in the world. Magento does that all for you!

4) Supports SEO

Magento offers an SEO-friendly website to its users with the help of many in-built features. As a matter of fact, you can even generate sitemaps and SEO-friendly URLs. Plus, you can also define the metadata using Magento platform. However, you may need help of Magento customization services to make your Magento e-commerce store more search friendly for engines as default options may not cater all your SEO needs.

5) Secure

Safety of an environment is the most crucial factor of a website’s success. If a platform has vulnerabilities, it can be hacked or spammed no matter how beautiful or good a website is, and this is well-taken care in Magento platform by dedicated Magento developer community. Magento is always tested by various developers to ensure everything runs smoothly, which is why they publish new versions of Magento for users every time the previous one needs an update. Besides, the whole system is constantly tracked by experts.

6) Analytics

To know how well your business is doing, you need to track the data. Only then you can know what needs to be done and at which places. Magento allows you to integrate your website data into various data collection systems like Google Universal Analytics so you get real-time data of your audience. You can use this data to see what they like and how they behave when they are in your store.

7) Complete e-Commerce Toolkit

Magento offers a complete e-commerce toolkit to its users. From shopping cart to user accounts and product management to marketing, everything can be taken care of using Magento platform. You can even manage transactions in the admin panel, and import and export thousands of products at the same time.

8) Marketing Platform

Using Magento e-commerce platform, you can create unique sales deals, run promotions, offer discounts and other alluring bargains. You can even up-sell or cross-sell for better profits. This platform also allows you to make it possible for your user to share your product pages on social sites.

9) Handle Multiple Websites

Magento can handle multiple websites simultaneously. It allows you to run various iterations with a single account. In case, you have a central online store with multiple brands, you can manage all of your services in one single admin area.

10) Developer Community

Magento offers a developer community for all its users so as to make this platform friendlier for them. You can post your concern in the community, and within no time, you will get the help you need. This community is made to help anyone get stuck in the programming, installing and uploading the website using Magento platform. Make sure to take help from this community.


Magento offers a great array of features to compete in the today’s e-commerce environment. It also supports flexible framework system to help its users make the most out of their online store. Once you start using it, you will realize how robust and flexible Magento’s platform is for digital store.

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